Mobile Biorhythm

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Description:   Generates a detailed biorhythm on your J2ME mobile phone and allows you to share it with others.

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MobVoc - Mobile Vocabulary Trainer MobVoc is a basic vocabulary trainer for small Java-enabled devices (mobile phones, CLDC-1.1/MIDP-2.0). It is ment as a replacement for paper based flashcards. MobVoc reads KVTML2 files produced by Parley and other KDE-Edu applications.

MobiMon - Mobile System Monitoring Use your Java-enabled mobile phone to monitor your systems and applications! MobiMon is a modular and extensible set of software components for remote, mobile system monitoring based on J2ME, J2EE and JMX - the Java Management Extensions. Enjoy!

Mobile Questionnaire Mobile Questionnaire helps to generate questionnaires for mobile phones:Design questionnaires and display them on mobile phones. Send the answers through the internet or by sms. Receive the answers and store them in a database.

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Mobile Karaoke Mobile karaoke is karaoke application based on J2ME for mobile phones (aka cell phones). It is based on MIDP 2.0 and the karaoke extensions to the MIDI standard. Nearly every J2ME MIDP 2.0 capable device is able to run this application.

Mobile Liquid Fluids Inventory System Mobile Inventory System for manage liquid fluids like gas station tanks or any other kind of Liquids Storage Systems that needs to be tracking by mobile appliances. Jiuston will be written in Java using J2ME.

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